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How to succeed at work *A Five Step Guide

How to succeed at work *A Five Step Guide

As University students, or recent graduates, we are all hunting for experience. Internships, as we all know, provide opportunity to gain experience, and let’s face it we are all striving for that glowing reference we can take to job interviews.   Really when we think about it, we are working to gain the skills and knowledge to become functioning employees, and influential members to the working team. However, we are all more importantly, attempting to reach our goals, our full potential and to achieve.   The hard part of achieving our goals (a part from the work and dedication necessary, obviously) is that as an intern, how do you do this? What opportunities do you have in a workplace?   Well, that mentality is what stops us from achieving and succeeding within our career, even when you are still an intern! Our attitude towards anything in life can hurt us or help us. Being positive, inspired and motivated about our journey and current situation, will allow for high results and positive outcomes.   So, you’re an intern? That’s great, let’s make sure you are the best intern you can be!  

  1. Understand your goals. To be able to succeed, you need to have a goal. How do you arrive somewhere if you don’t know the destination? This isn’t to say you can’t change your mind over time, but you need to know a direction to follow, in order to achieve your goals.Try writing out your plans and ideas, to be able to clearly identify what are you goals and ideal ‘end point’.
  2. Positive mind, positive life.Negative thoughts don’t really do anything for you, except ensure that you have a bad day, week or really however long you hold onto these bad thoughts and feelings.

  There are aspects of all jobs or responsibilities that don’t seem so appealing and can cause you to want to rip your hair out. Allowing it to affect you, or complaining to other co-workers about your boss only adds more road-blocks on your way to success. Don’t fall into the trap of negativity, you will lose sight of your direction and goals.  

  1. VolunteerWhenever you can get more involved in a project at work, the better. Being pro-active is not only a great trait to display to your bosses and managers, it also provides you with opportunities, rewards, the prospect of meeting and working with new people and it ensures that you are noticed (for the right reasons) at work.
  2. Manners MatterDid you ever wonder why we were taught manners and how to be polite as children? Well, the reason is, so you can be a respectable, nice human. This does not change in the workplace.

Being friendly, kind and speaking to all of your co-workers and managers with respect and dignity, only increases your chance of receiving that treatment in return. Being an easy-work-with member of the team, always goes a long way.  

  1. Punctuality

Being on time, is an extremely important habit to get into. Whether it’s for each day of work, a meeting, a lunch catch-up or a deadline, lateness is not a quality that inspires or reassures anyone of your abilities. Being late can encourage people to view you as less motivated, not dedicated, unorganised and lazy. These are traits that you do not want associated with your name. Your image can have a huge impact on your abilities and opportunities to grow and achieve, don’t allow your image to be tainted with people’s views of your punctuality and etiquette. In any work-environment, you are constantly under a microscope, being judged, marked and unfortunately picked apart for your behaviour, and most commonly your mistakes. This guide is designed to help you navigate through a few of the common mistakes people make within a workplace, that can limit their abilities to grow and reach their goals.   For more information, email us at [email protected]

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